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Shortage of Houses

By | September 2010
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Title: House problem for graduate students of Addis Ababa University Introduction
House is a one of the fundamental needs for humans to live. So every human need to get his/her own house with appropriate facilities. As we see in our country, especially in Addis Ababa town, currently there are a lot of people that have no their own house, but the government try to solve this shortage of houses by constructing condominium, is a multiple-unit dwelling in which there is separate and distinct ownership of individual units and joint ownership of common areas. In addition this government motivates and allows for private house real estate companies to solve the citizens’ basic need. But still these projects didn’t consider students to be temporal owner house (in formant of rent) in appropriate cost and comfortable house for their studying On March 20, 1950 by Emperor Haile Silassie I declared the foundation of the University College of Addis Ababa, which includes the faculties of Arts and Science. It was renamed Haile Selassie I University in 1962 and then Addis Ababa University in 1975. At the time there were only 33 students enrolled compared to the current number of more than 400,000 students. The University today comprises more than 25 faculties. Addis Ababa University enrolls students in under graduate and graduate programs from different governmental universities and private applicants to build the capacity of the country. In undergraduate programs the students have food and dormitory services, where as graduate students have no these facilities they are living outside the campus by renting different houses in the town. It may be near or far from the campus. The houses around the university do not satisfactory in quantity and quality enough for all students. Statement of the problem

As we said in the introduction part, graduate students attending the master program living outside the campus by renting different small and poor quality houses. We heard...

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