Short Test on Math and Sentence Completion

Topics: Integer, Prime number, Natural number Pages: 17 (2878 words) Published: January 26, 2013
Short Test on Math and Sentence Completion:

1. Nolok Babu _____ first in the competition of the closeup1 contest

A. got
B. took
C. came
D. did
E. none of these

2. The job requires a good _____ for figures

A. brain
B. head
C. faculty
D. understand
E. none of these

3. He felt no _____ about borrowing money from friends

A. pain
B. grief
C. qualms
D. quiver
E. hesitance

4. I'm fed up with your constant interfering in my private life. Why don't you ______ your own business?

A. beware
B. care
C. mind
D. watch
E. both B and D

5. All guests are requested to ______ out before 12 noon

A. call
B. check
C. break
D. turn
E. all of the above

6. Some people say she is ______, but I find her quite beautiful

A. casual
B. dark
C. fair
D. plain
E. all of the above

7. How many people do you think his car would ______?

A. occupy
B. hold
C. fit
D. load
E. all of the above

8. I can’t find my cell phone at the moment. I hope it will ______ up soon

A. turn
B. clear
C. come
D. look
E. both C and D

9. The reason why I feel so ......... today is because it's my birthday and no-one has sent me any cards

A. red
B. blue
C. white
D. black
E. both A and D

10. While going to office, take your umbrella _____ it rains

A. in case
B. if
C. if not
D. perhaps
E. or else

11. What is the area of a square inscribed in a circle whose circumference is 16π?

A. 8
B. 16
C. 32
D. 64
E. 128

12. How many degrees are included between the hands of a clock at 4:00?

A. 50
B. 60
C. 75
D. 120
E. 150

13. If two angles are supplementary, then their sum is

A. 60 degrees
B. 90 degrees
C. 180 degrees
D. 270 degrees
E. 360 degrees

14. Suppose x,y > 0 and x,y are both integers. If x+ y=2, then x-y=?

A. -1
B. 0
C. 1
D. 2
E. cannot be determined

15. If x, y, w and z correspond to four numbers -3, ½, -4 and 2 but not necessarily in the same order, what is the largest possible value of the expression (wx)z^2/y?

A. 96
B. 36
C. 24
D. 12
E. none of these

16. If a, b and c are 3 consecutive integers and a>b>c, which of the following has the maximum value?

A. a + b/c
B. b + c/a
C. c + b/a
D. c + a/b
E. a + c/b

17. If x/y=2, then (x-y)/x = ?
A. -1
B. -1/2
C. ½
D. 1
E. 2

18. Your friend throws a ball to you. After catching it, you throw it back to him and the game goes on. If each of you catch the ball five times, at least how many throws must take place between the two of you?

A. 25
B. 15
C. 11
D. 5
E. none of these

19. If 1.4 is halfway between two point x and y, what are the possible values of x and y?

A. -1.4 and 2.4
B. -1 and 2
C. -0.3 and 3.1
D. 0.15 and 1.55
E. none of these

20. What is the value of (x,y) in the following series: x, 3, 5, 7, 11, y, …

A. 2, 13
B. 1, 13
C. 0, 17
D. 2, 17
E. none of these
Correct Ans:

1. C2. B3. C4. C5. B6. D7. B8. A9. B10. A11. E12. D13. C14. B15. A16. A17. C18. E19. C20. A

Preposition Quiz

1. My best friend lives ______ Boretz Road.
a. in
b. on
c. at

2. I'll be ready to leave ____ about twenty minutes.
a. in
b. on
c. at

3. Since he met his new girlfriend, Juan never seems to be ______ home. a. on
b. in
c. at

4. The child responded to his mother's demands ______ throwing a tantrum. a. with
b. by
c. from

5. I think she spent the entire afternoon ______ the phone.
a. on
b. in
c. at

6. I will wait ______ 6:30, but then I'm going home.
a. from
b. at
c. until

7. The police caught the thief _____ the corner of Cascade and Plum Streets. a. in
b. at
c. from

8. My fingers were injured so my sister had to write the note _____ me. a. for
b. with
c. to

9. I am not interested _____ buying a new car now.
a. to
b. for
c. in

10. What are the main ingredients ______ this casserole?
a. about
b. to
c. of

11. My best friend, John, is named ______ his great-grandfather. a. after
b. to
c. about

12. Grandpa stayed...
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