Short Term Planning with Gis

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Short Term Planning with Gis

By | November 2008
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Transportation system management actions are tools for the transportation professional to meet the management and operational challenges of relieving congestion, maintaining mobility, and improving the efficiency of transportation facilities, services, and modes. TSM actions must interact and blend with network orientation and characteristics to meet the long and short-term goals of transportation planning. This study presented the contemporary and scientific approach to the planning and application of TSM actions. It has also presented the philosophy that TSM has evolved from a planning concept to include the actual operation and management of transportation. The study emphasized the need for planning the network as a whole rather than dealing link wise. The integration of modeling framework with advanced technology tools like GIS discussed in the study are innovative dimensions in the field of planning to identify the critical links in a need for TSM planning. Simplified and complex approaches to analyzing the effectiveness of TSM actions in light of the existing network characteristics were also presented in this study as essential ingredients to a thoughtful TSM planning process. Planning of TSM actions in an innovative manner is the objective fulfilled in the study. The main objective of the study is to identify critical links in a network which need a short term or a long term planning through traffic management techniques for reducing traffic congestion of a selected urban center and to evaluate the efficiency of adopting one or more techniques using GIS.

Demand patronage may not be observed in the choice of the route in many networks. It depends on the user knowledge of the network and also on the existing TSM measures. A methodology is formulated wherein the demand patronage along with user preferences and the network characteristics are integrated with the existing mobility characteristics.

The study is basically framed in different modules as...

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