Short Term Objective as a Relation to Long Range Objectives

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Short Term Objective as a relation to Long Range Objectives

Short term objectives help the organization to achieve long term objectives. Short term objectives in most cases act as a motivator and facilitate for effective strategy implementation. Short term objectives may also be referred to as short range objectives or as annual objectives. These kinds of objectives are important for implementation of strategies for the following reasons a) Operationalize long term objectives that is, it makes the implementation of long term objectives easy and possible by breaking down them into short term objectives which its results could be seen in a short term e.g. annually. b) Agreeing on short term objectives help raise the potential problems within the organization that require coordination to avoid dysfunctional consequences. c) They represent the basis for allocating resources

d) They provide a primarily mechanism for evaluating the managers. e) They help monitor progressive achieving long term objectives f) They help implementation to identify measurable outcomes of action plans or functional activities which can be used to make feedback, correction and evaluation more relevant. g) They establish organizational, divisional and departmental priorities. Characteristics of short term objectives are:-

3.Linked long-term objectives

1)Measurable: short term objectives should be measurable and should clearly what is to be accomplished and when they should be accomplished or achieved and how they will be achieved and the means of achieving them. Short term objectives should be used to monitor both the effectiveness of long term objectives and each of the activities and the collective progress access several interrelated activities.

2)Priorities: All annual are important, some objectives deserve priorities because of their particular impact on strategy’s success. If priorities are not established, it will inhibit the...
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