Short-Term Memory

Topics: English language, Linguistics, Short-term memory Pages: 2 (673 words) Published: March 8, 2013
Short-Term Memory
Short-term memory is the ability of holding a small amount of information in mind, which is in a short duration and capacity. Different from the long-term memory, a short-term memory can disappear in seconds and limited in capacity. The current study shows that short-term memory can be affected by less grammatical incongruence which may demonstrate the sensitivity of the language-learning ability in infants. From the article that I found, the researchers’ findings complement other evidence suggesting that short-term memory is an assemblage of language processing and production processes more that it is a bespoke short-term memory storage system (Perham, Marsh, Jones, 2009). One of the authors of this article is call Nick Perham, his Affiliation was University of Wales Institute, Cardiff in UK; the other authors, John E. Marsh and Dylan M. Jones were both from Cardiff University, Cardiff in UK. According their paper, they provide evidence that supports language-based accounts of short-term memory using recall performance of syntactically familiar and unfamiliar word pairs. Item pairs consistent with syntax of the English language should elicit superior recall performance compared to item pairs that do not. The authors predict the facilitation of recall with list comprising a smaller proportion of syntactically familiar items, and the same pattern of results using exactly the same word lists but with the order in the word pairings reversed. This study may provide important insights into the degree of sequential regularity required for language-learning. Short-term memory is temporarily retained in a number of stores that provide support for many other higher-order cognitive functions, such as problem-solving, reasoning, language comprehension, and language learning. Thirty-nine undergraduate students were native English speakers from university. Participants were tested individually and seated at a viewing distance of approximately 60cm from the...
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