Short-Term Digital Marketing Plan for the City of London Investment Trust Plc

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Short-Term Digital Marketing Plan for The City Of London Investment Trust PLC

Jack McCartney
Student ID: 33299226
BA (Hons) Marketing
Digital & Interactive Marketing
Short-Term Digital Marketing Plan for FTSE 250 Company – Individual Assignment Neil Richardson
Word Count: 2,320
Date Submitted: 17/12/2012

Executive Summary

This report has been commissioned to provide The City of London Investment Trust with strategic recommendations on how to plan their short-term digital growth, through the development and retention of existing e-customers on their digital platforms.


Pages 6 - 7
1. Introduction

Pages 8 -9
2. Situation Analysis
2.1 Market Overview

Pages 10 -12
3. Macro-Environmental Analysis
3.1 Environmental Scanning

Pages 13 - 21
4. Micro-Environmental Analysis
4.1 Stakeholder Analysis
4.2 Company Structure
4.3 Customer Segmentation Analysis
4.4 Competitor Analysis
4.5 Distribution Analysis
4.7 SWOT Analysis
4.6 Competitive Advantage Review
4.8 TOWS Analysis

Page 22
5. Digital Marketing Objectives

Pages 23 - 24
6. Customer Development & Growth Strategy
6.1 Targeting
6.2 Positioning
6.2.1 Online Value Proposition

Page 25
7. Conclusions

Pages 26 – 30
8. Key Recommendations & Control Measures

Page 31
9. Conclusion

Pages 32 - 34

Pages 35 - 58

1. Introduction
This report will be structured as a digital marketing plan that will begin by analysing The City of London Investment Trust’s (COLIT) macro and micro-environment and how they currently market themselves digitally. The report will then move onto comparing COLIT’s online presence to that of its competitors. The final section of the report will offer the company strategic recommendations that should be implemented in order to achieve the objectives stated, with a blend of McDonald’s marketing planning process and Chaffey’s SOSTAC model chosen as a suitable report framework. The importance of marketing planning cannot be overstated, with both Chaffey (2002) and Kotler (2008) affirming that it lays a foundation for the elimination of various risk factors, through enabling a business to identify and prepare contingencies for occurrences of these risks, preceding the implementation of the chosen strategy. Baines, Fill & Paige (2008) also stress great significance on the control and evaluation elements of the marketing plan, stating that it is of vital importance ‘to monitor the results of the programme as it unfolds, not just when it is completed.’ On the other hand, Mintzberg (1994) stands in opposition of the benefits marketing planning holds to an organisation, believing a company cannot simply plan for the unforeseen scenarios the wider world inevitably throws at them due to the diverse nature of the capitalist markets. Mintzberg instead implies that it is the ability of managers to react to, and make suitable decisions in face of these scenarios. Managed by Henderson Global Investors, COLIT is one of the leading investment trusts operating in the UK Income and Growth sector, with assets of £830 million (AIC, 2012). The trust has been awarded a ‘Gold’ rating by Morningstar in recognition of their outstanding performance resulting in an industry record 46 years of dividend increases (Morningstar, 2012). COLIT’s corporate objective:

‘Is to provide long-term growth in income and capital, principally by investment in equities listed on the London Stock Exchange. The Board continues to recognise the importance of dividend income to shareholders.’ This objective reflects COLIT’s organisational culture, with experienced Portfolio Manager Job Curtis described as a ‘value investor’ running the company ‘conservatively’ in the ‘interests of shareholders’ (COLIT Annual Report, 2012). Despite the company’s impressive financial returns, buying shares contains the risk that their value can go down as well as up, and you may not get your initial...
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