Short Story Evaluation

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  • Published : October 27, 2010
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ENGL 111 Short Story evaluation Name:
Title of story: The Lottery
Author: Shirley Jackson
Answer the following questions about the short story you read, using complete sentences and correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. 1. Explain the setting of the story.
The setting of the story was a warm summer morning in June in the town square starting around 10am. Flowers were in full bloom and the grass was very green.

2. List two of the characters and analyze each according to the elements of literature sheet.

1. Mr. Summer was a jovial man with a round face who was committed to his community and its civil activities. He was married to a not so pleasant woman. On this particular day Mr. Summer was heading the town lottery.

Mrs. Dunbar seemed to be a quiet woman that stepped up took the role of head of the household for this particular lottery. Her husband had a broken leg and couldn’t be there.

3. Identify and discuss one type of irony used in this story. When Old Man Warner spoke of the north village as a “Pack of crazy fools” he was not meaning they were insane he was just meaning that the talk of giving up the lottery in their village was not a smart choice. This is a form of verbal irony.

4. What is the point of view?
The Author of this story has an omniscient point of view. As if he was sitting high in a tree watching everything that is taking place in the town.

5. Explain the imagery that is used in the story by at least two of the senses.

6. Select one of the following and explain its use in the story:

a. symbolism
b. flashback
c. foreshadowing
d. atmosphere

I have chosen foreshadowing for this story. In the beginning of the story the author gives the impression that this was a fun and exciting event. He explains how beautiful the day was and the whole town gathering but once Mr. Summers arrived the setting turned cold and hushed as if there...
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