Short Story English

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  • Published : March 6, 2013
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“What are your interests, Candidate 217?”
The entire room was pure, brilliant white.
The lack of colour was making him blink a little too much, so he chose to focus on the only object in the room that didn’t harm his eyes; a stunning brooch that graced the lapels of his interviewer’s jacket. Simple and elegant in design, a square, red ruby sat in its flawless nest of silver or platinum, his money on the latter. “I…don’t really have any, to be honest.”

He felt like an idiot the moment he’d said it. Mother told him that ‘IN CORP’ was looking for someone exactly like him when she’d sent him off this morning, and that he’d have no problem getting the job. He’d found it hard to believe her, though, because everything he read, every piece of data his mind had processed told him that large companies always sought the innovative, the inventive and well-rounded individuals that could give them an edge over their competitors. Why should ‘IN CORP’ be any different?

“Are you sure? No secret passions, dreams that you wish you could have pursued in vain?” She pressed, eyeing him with vague interest from her seat behind the large, white desk that separated them. She leaned forward, and the jewel on her jacket glinted as it caught the light from the ceiling. His gaze remained fixed on the brooch as he shook his head, slowly. “Excellent!” Her exclamation had caught him off guard, and he nearly jolted in seat, but managed to avoid such a silly display. It wouldn’t help his case, considering that his performance so far was quite appalling. She must have noticed his surprise, judging by the amused smirk on her lips, but for whatever reason, she chose to ignore it, scribbling something onto her clipboard again. “And, what could you bring to our company, Candidate 217?” Mother had told him exactly how to answer a question like this, and he had listened well. His memory had stored every word she’d uttered. ‘IN CORP’ was very clear about one thing, and that was that they...
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