Short Story- Arranged Marriage

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  • Published : March 26, 2012
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I woke up as the scorching sun began to rise and got ready for school, just as I had done every other weekday morning. I was so eager to go to school and get away from my strict parents who gave me no freedom at all. The school I went to was a private school, which was vastly different from most of the other schools in our small Sri-Lankan town of Ishkambut, mainly because most other schools were co-ed. However, despite the fact that our school was not co-ed, I still interacted with the opposite sex. I was profoundly in love with Aryan, a boy from a high school nearby. But this is where things became complicated, and many people may find it hard to comprehend the reason why I have to hide my relationship with this boy. But I was forced to see him in secret as my parents would never approve of me seeing a boy who does not have the same socio-economic status as us. I was bought up in a very wealthy and strict family and my parents have high expectations of me and certain requirements of me. It was so difficult to please them, I felt completely trapped and helpless. The only time I was able to be myself and live my own life was behind their back, when I was with the man that I loved. I couldn’t imagine what my life would be like if my parents found out that I was seeing Aryan because then the only thing I truly care about would have been taken away from me. This is where my story really begins..... It seemed like just another ordinary day, however what I found out that day was anything but ordinary. One day my parents sent me into my father’s office for a serious conversation which was a rare, unusual occurrence. It was very infrequent that I would go into my father’s office with the exception of exceedingly significant matters. I recall the thought of it terrifying me. The discussion my parents bought upon me that day was a conversation that I was dreading. They told me that they had organised an arranged marriage for me which could not be negotiated. The boy they...
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