Short Story and Maupassant

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A Vendetta – Guy de Maupassant

How does Maupassant use language to create atmosphere and tension in A Vendetta?

You should use the following structure to help you.

• This should briefly explain a bit about Maupassant and the Gothic genre; you could comment on whether you think events in Maupassant’s life influenced his work. • Briefly introduce the story.

Main Body of the Essay:

• The preparation questions you did should provide a good starting point, remember you are focussing on how the language creates atmosphere and tension. • There should be lots of P.E.E. paragraphs here, comment in language in lots of detail.

• Summarise your main points about Maupassant’s use of language to create atmosphere and tension. You may want to mention again the Gothic influences of this tale. Give your opinion as to what makes this a good read which has stood the test of time.

Think you’ve finished….? Have you checked …..

• Connectives? □
• Paragraphs? □
• Check Punctuation? □
• Spelling? □
• P.E.E. – put a quote for every point and explain the effect of that quote? □ • Capital letters (and italics) for the name of the story? □ • Write about absolutely everything you can think about the story? □ • Picked out Gothic / gruesome images and commented on the effect? • Focussed on how the atmosphere is created and how tension is built up? • Don’t talk about ‘imaginative’ or ‘descriptive’ words, that means nothing if you don’t comment on the effect. □ • Written 800-1000 words?

Remember to use quotes to comment on language.
P.E.E. in every paragraph!

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