Short Story

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  • Published : October 17, 2010
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Short Story
There is one thing in my life that I cannot go a day without and that being my purse. My purse is much more important to me than a hauler of my things that gets carried along with me everywhere I go. It metaphorically carries my life in its silk lining. So on a frigid day in November while on vacation in New York, I made a horrible realization that I lost my purse.

After realizing that I lost my purse I felt like a mother that just lost her child. All I could think about is that I had so many valuable things in it like my phone, wallet which had 500 dollars in it, a brand new digital camera and the keys to my hotel room. I was near tears when my friends suggested we back track around to the places that we went earlier in the day. By this time it was five o’clock and they city sidewalks started to become much more populated than they were an hour earlier. That did not matter to me; I pushed everyone that got in my way while trying to make myself believe that I was heading in the right direction to get back to China Town. I did not listen to my friends when they told me that China Town was on the other side of town but I did not care; I was on a mission to get my purse back.

Once we got to China Town, I ran to every little vender table asking them if they saw my purse, but all of them gave me the same answer of no. I felt defeated; I did not know what to do anymore. Without my purse, my friends and I could not get back in to our hotel room, and not having my wallet with me I felt like my identity was going to be stolen. Then I realized something that would make it possible to find my purse and find it fast! My phone in my purse had a tracking device in it that when you text it a code word it gives you an address of where its at. After this realization, I felt that the night was going to turn around and my purse would be back in my belonging within the hour, but that did not happen as I had planned.

After telling my friends about what...
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