Short Story

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Chapter 1
Mom’s word stuck me like a lightning bolt. I was so shocked that I forgot to give reaction to what I had just heard. Maybe because a part of me still believed this couldn’t be true. Well, was it a joke? I looked back into mom’s eyes. She was still looking at me with pitiful look in her eyes, which showed me sympathy. I wanted to ask her if she was joking, but then I realised it would be hard to bear the pain if she said no. Instead I wanted for her to say something else or give a reaction. After a few seconds of dead silence and gazing into each other’s eyes, mom finally uttered a few words. “I’m sorry Angelina but that’s how it is, Siline has to move because her mom found a job somewhere else, people don’t always last at one place for too long.If her parents want to move we can do nothing about it.” Mom wasn’t joking and now I was sure of that. The pain immediately ran through me. Siline had been the best friend I’ve ever had. She supported me through everything. They had been together since Grade 7 and now in Grade 9. Angelina’s heart broke apart to think she would never see her best friend again.

Chapter 2
There I was sitting on the porch in my backyard looking at the picture of me and Siline. It was taken last summer yet it brought me the ripe memories of the beautiful moments left behind. It all started off with both of them meeting each other on the first day of grade 7. Angelina was being picked on by a few popular freaks and Siline was the first one to stand up for her, Angelina and saline soon started to hang out and before they knew it they were best friends. Thinking about those days, Siline and I had a lot of great time. Like once, Siline and I went to an amusement park Dreamland. It was our dream to go there! That day was a BLAST! Siline was very scared to ride the roller coaster! “No! You know I’m scared to go on the roller coaster!” Siline shouted. “Why?! Trust me when you get on it, it’ll be extremely fun!” Angelina said...
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