Short Story

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Alex Cruz
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Brian Anderson
Dos Friends
Walking up the old, odorous stairwell, I reminisced about the past experiences here chatting through various parts of the high school looking back when and my various classmates I glanced at where used to be old posters for various school functions, were hammered with a nail or simply taped to. I smiled looking back at volunteering to work at the homecoming carnival, going to prom and even getting pulled over that following night. As I approached the last step leading to the next floor I saw an old companion I’ve known since I was actually able to remember. Bill was his name and we weren’t exactly similar in behavior, me being the academic driven one while him he was………. To put it simply the only English phrase he could fully know fluently is “drop out” and ironically he was ok with it though school wasn’t his thing and he knew that and was more than happy to leave it behind. “You’re leaving?” he said with a calm tone as he continued speaking “you’re going to actually pay to go to a school full of guerros and be like them?” With a disappointed look I replied “what do you mean b like them their just people like us some rich, poor, smart and dumb” With a sly grin he walked past me and walked down the stairs; as I followed him we halted on the platform in the middle of the stairwell that leads to the next part of the stairs. Desperate to ease the unbearable tension I took out a pack of Marlboro cigarette’s taking a stick of the tobacco ridden escape, lighting it, and waiting to feel the nicotine ridden fumes course through my body. Feeling somewhat relieved, Bill standing on the opposite end of the platform leaning against the wall behind will with a glimpse of the outside from a window just above him and staring at me as if stabbing my chest with his dagger like eyes. “so that’s it you’re going to ditch everything for what? some old looking piece of paper signed by some old fart who...
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