Short Story

Pages: 4 (1434 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Write a short story suggested by these words.
“‘See you later, Paul,’ said one of the girls. There was a titter of laughter.”

Paul stood there red-faced, his nose wrinkled in disgust, as he bit on the right side of his lip. His usual appearance when he was either angry or upset. Anger wasn’t really the word for this, Jenny thought to herself as she watched her parents take shreds of Paul. Given the situation she felt rather bad on her previous actions of the day. But then again she was only six and rather oblivious the consequences of her rather innocent actions. Not that Paul thought any of it was ‘innocent’ or ‘accidental’ like his ‘simpletons’ of parents. What he had called them when this argument broke out. And now as Paul stood there zoning out of his mother telling him not to take his own problems out on his little sister, he began to reminisce back to the begging of that day and the flashbacks of that morning became clear in his mind.

It had commenced the same as every other monotonous Saturday. Well, that’s what it appeared like. It was another dead, indifferent morning and Paul fell clumsily out of his luxuriously soft bed onto the hard, cold wooden floor. With the thud of his fall still resounding in his ears, he stood up, rather unsteadily and unwillingly dragged himself to the window. The blinds snapped open with a slight click and the painful bright glare of light swept across the entire room, making him squint to avoid the experience of a stinging sensation in his eyes. He then got ready got ready for the day ahead and wandered out onto the hallway. When he reached the top of the stairs he decided to selfishly stomp down each step, ensuring the whole household was up - just because he was!

His plan didn’t exactly work out, it was already twelve in the afternoon and everybody was already up. His mother greeted him with a warm, loving smile as she prepared his breakfast. Why was she in such a good mood, he mumbled quietly under his breath as...
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