Short Stories of F.Scott Fitzgerald and Hemingway

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  • Published : October 13, 2010
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Short Stories of F.Scott Fitzgerald and Hemingway

Throughout the past two weeks, I had the opportunity to read The classical short stories of Ernest Hemingway and The Short Stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald. Hemingway has a distinctive writing technique that is very different from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s writing technique. For instance, he gives the reader a chance to vicariously experience the short story by using descriptive nouns and verbs. While leaving out what is psychologically most important but implying what is left out, readers such as myself, can use his clues and apply it to the experiences we have encountered in our life in order to figure out what Hemingway is implying. On the other hand, F Scott Fitzgerald uses a writing technique that is different than Hemingway’s. For example, he gives us rich nuance details and description of varied diction. In other words, when a reader such as myself is reading short stories of F Scott Fitzgerald, the scene and the psychology of the character becomes apparent Personally, I have found The short stories of Ernst Hemingway much more enjoyable than The short stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald. I enjoy reading Hemingway’s short stories because he pushes the reader to look farther than what is on the surface of the story. Most of what he says is implied and not direct and he drips his stories with description and emotion so the reader has to figure out what he is saying. Because Fitzgerald gives the reader so much detail, I find it easier to come up with the picture of the story in your mind in his short stories, which I find less intriguing. I like how Hemingway uses very descriptive images in his short stories because that allows me to become engaged in the story and psychologically become apart of the story. Thus, it allows me to bring in my own experiences of life in order to relate to his short stories. In the short stories “Hills like White Elephants” Hemingway incorporates the common theme of the struggle...