Short Stories Analysis

Topics: Climax, Falling action, Rising action Pages: 8 (3269 words) Published: March 10, 2013
by Gémino H. Abad
Elements| Lines from Story| Interpretation|
1. Setting| “The first day of the advertisers' conference had just ended and he was only waiting for Bianca at the balcony of Inday's candle shop”“"Maybe you'd like to look around in the shop?" "No, let's go somewhere else." "Neutron's?" Bianca nodded. "The evening's so cool, Paco, let's enjoy it and walk."”“He glanced at his watch, quarter to six.”| Place: 1st: balcony of Inday's candle shop 2nd: Neutron’sTime: quarter to six| 2. Conflict| “He sometimes sensed a sweet yearning for her. She was young and alive, nice-smelling, pretty… But he would quickly repress it. "Ye gods, Filo!" he'd inwardly cry, "I'm past fifty and happily married.”| Paco is attracted to Bianca but he is married to Agnes.| 3. Plot a. introduction b. rising action c. climax d. falling action e. denouement| a. “on the cab's front door was written, Great is your faithfulness. It caught him up as though it laid a mocking charge at his door, and as his heart tingled, he sensed that it was the last incident, entirely factual, which should illuminate the fiction of his past.”b. Filo sneered at Paco's recollection. He was only eighteen when he had gone up to Baguio for the first time and proposed to meet the woman caller at Star Café. She too had long dark hair and wore a tight dark red dress which showed her figure to advantage. No, she was not a Chinese mestiza like Rita, but she was not unattractive. Her name, she had told him over the phone, was Zita.c. “ How could he in his heart return to Agnes if he didn't face up his feeling for Bianca, make a clean breast of it, and let go? “d. “ "I meant to tell you, Bai… I'm quite drawn to you, but…" But it isn't right, oh, he shouldn't have so foolishly blurted, what need to be so honest?”e. “Was she just saying it? But, Yes, he thought bitterly, it might be Zita, for she had become a creature of his disappointed memory; but also, No, for it was rather with having to be honest with Bianca, by a hurtful bridge of poor words, that he had crossed over a darkness. He looked at her as though across a great distance, "You may be right, Bai…" he said, and pressed her hand.”| a. Paco saw a quote from a cab and it strike him.b. Paco is reminiscing while waiting for Bianca. He is thinking what happened when he first went to Baguio.c. He is thinking that he can’t go back to his wife Agnes without fixing what he’s feeling for Bianca.d. He confessed his feelings to Bianca.e. Bianca said that maybe he is just confused because of his past.| 4. Characters| “She was young and alive, nice-smelling, pretty… ““Agnes was the senior partner with four women friends in a law firm that they had put up. She often came home late, and after kissing him, looking up from his papers at his work table, she would quietly enter their teenage son Dylan's room and kiss him, already fast asleep, and later carry the laundry in her arms to the washing machine before she retired for the night. She called it a form of relaxation! She had a remarkable strength of character, managerial, down-to-earth, which often bared his pathetic inadequacy in practical matters, yet capable of gentleness, a rich warmth of affection and intense loyalty, but also to his secret discomfiture a fine, sometimes even caustic moral sense”“ Filo was poor refuge, just as well quite hid. O, he loved Agnes..”“he watched Zita cross her legs and lean her head a little on her left hand which she had placed behind her ear, her long dark hair flowing to the small of her back. She was not unattractive, just about his age, too, and she cut a nice sensuous figure in her red mini.”| * Paco- loves his wife but is unfaithful * Filo- Paco’s imaginary self * Bianca- young and sweet assistant * Agnes- very busy wife * Zita- a girl who called Paco from the Inn and he saw Zita at the bar.| 5. Theme| "I'm past fifty and happily married.”“ How could he in his...
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