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  • Published : March 31, 2009
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March 03, 2008
To: Ernest Tix
From: Ali Shabbir
Subject: Progress report on feasibility of increasing work force and evolving ‘secret codes’ to prevent shop lifting.

I have obtained most of the information necessary to recommend whether or not increasing the work force and evolving ‘secret codes’ would be better for Armani Exchange store (Galleria mall). I am currently analyzing and organizing this information and am on schedule.

Problem: As discussed earlier in the proposal that the Armani Exchange outlet in the galleria mall is plagued with heavy shop lifting which amounted to $ 226,920 for the year 2007. This figure reduced the annual profit by 7.23% and has put the management in a spot of bother.

I provided few recommendations to the management for consideration. Such as: • Increase in sales force during weekends
• Evolving a secret code
• Have a security check at the exit
• Installing more cameras
Work completed:
In order to detect a suspected shoplifter, I have evolved a secret code “Harry is here”. The code will be used by employees and managers to keep an eye on a suspected shoplifter. This confidential code should not be known to any outsider. In order to increase the sales force during weekend, the management can give more hours to its current employees rather than hiring new employees. I have spoken to few of my co-workers who are more than willing to work extra hours. My investigation also revealed that few employees are unsatisfied due to insufficient hours allotted to them. The management can give such employees few extra hours on the weekends rather than hire new employees. This would save the extra training cost as well as benefits that are provided to a new hire. While I was working on the recommendation to have a security check at the exit, I thought of another strategy, which would make sales associate more accountable. The management does not have to keep an extra associate at...
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