Short Microsoft Operating System History

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Short Microsoft Operating System History
Microsoft has released quite a few operating systems in its corporation’s leading distribution of personal computer tenure. From its acquisition of “86-DOS” to its latest release version of “Windows 8,” Microsoft continues to develop the personal computer in all changing environments. Personal computers for the home and business have been by large numbers dominated by Microsoft’s operation systems with a track record of new and innovating features. Microsoft’s journey began 1980 where the purchase of the “86-DOS” license was made. Microsoft was in the business to develop a new operating system for the new Intel processor coming onto the market. With programmers going to work and corporate dealings along the way, Microsoft in 1981 released “MS-DOS 1.0” for the “IBM PC.” “MS-DOS” introduced the “File Allocation Table” or FAT filesystem for the first time and remains today on all floppy disks today.

As a few years went by, Microsoft developed its very first Windows release which was not an operating system but ran within “MS-DOS” as an operating environment. This was Microsoft’s first attempt at a graphical user interface or GUI. Of course development continued over the years and in 1992, Microsoft released “Windows 3.1” operating system. This operating system was the first to have a Windows Registry and to support multimedia with a video player.

Microsoft at this point started building its operating system for the business personal computer. There was both development for the home and business machine by two different developer groups. Microsoft’s develop team for the home was called “Windows 9X Product Line” and for business “Windows NT Product Line.” The first release was “Windows NT” (Version 4.00, released in 1993) with subsequent releases such as “Windows 95” (9X product - Version 4.00.950, release year 1995) for the home user and “Windows NT Workstation” (NT product - Version 4.00.1381, released in...
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