Short Message Service Technology

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  • Published : April 24, 2013
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In 2010, Roham Mishra, Sambit Kumar Das and Prof Patra proposed this system. Presently, the wireless communication has announced its arrival on big stage and the world is going mobile. We want to control everything and without moving an inch. This remote of appliances is possible through Embedded Systems. The main aim of this project will be to design a SMS driven automatic display toolkit which can replace the currently used programmable electronic display. It is proposed to design receive cum display toolkit which can be programmed from an authorized mobile phone. The message to be displayed is sent through an SMS from an authorized transmitter. The toolkit receives the SMS, Validates the sending Mobile Identification Number (MIN) and displays the desired information after necessary code conversions. 2. 2 GSM BASED DATA ACQUISITION SYSTEM

In 2012, Vandana Pandya and Deepali Shukla proposed this system. GSM based data acquisition is a process control system that enables a site operator to monitor and control processes that are distributed among various remote sites. This project is designed to monitor various parameters like humidity, rainfall, wind direction, temperature, light intensity, etc. This system saves time and money by eliminating the need for service personnel to visit each site for inspection and data collection. They are used in all types of industries, from electrical distribution systems, to food processing, to facility security alarms. 2.3 DEVELOPMENT OF SMS BASED TEACHING AND LEARNING SYSTEM

In 2009, Simon so proposed this system. The Short Message Service (SMS) technology is one the most stable mobile technologies around. Most of our tertiary students carry mobile phones with SMS facilities and can be used for teaching and learning. There are many projects using SMS technologies in education as outlined in the literature survey, but many publications do not provide the possible...
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