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Topics: Friendship, Indian films, International Friendship Day Pages: 21 (3998 words) Published: December 9, 2010
My sMs tReAsuRe
This book is a combined efforts of a lot of people & also things. First & foremost I would like to thank my dearest parents, & then my friends (because all the sMs here are forwarded by them only, so I think they should be thanked first !) & then there are some of my relatives too who have sent me messages & then if I continue I would certainly won’t have enough money to publish rest of my book. Also secondly I would thank my whole skeleton that includes all my body parts (especially my hands) who co-operated me a lot while doing these activities. Lastly there is someone or rather something which is the most important i.e. my laptop & cellphone without which I wouldn’t even have dreamed of issuing such a book. (page 1 end)

I need to tell that those sMs here are obviously not composed by those whose name is written under it, but those are the ones who have sent me these messages & hence I have written their names below it. The so-called title of “author” is not suitable to this book for me as I myself have not composed these messages so I would love it if I m rather being called a Typist. Well, the Typist is studying in High School & is a great fan of sMs (hope this much information about typist is enough for formality!). Now I would ask u to leave these boring jobs & get refreshed with some mixed sMs as this book is not about any specific type of sMs. Please check out this book & to send me your thoughts, just close your eyes & smile once with full of happiness, your thoughts will reach me no matter wherever you are . (page 2 end)

Dedicated to the someone special whom my heart belongs, that is YOU * (at the bottom)* Hey that’s totally a mere joke if u belong to the MALE religion ! (page 3 end)
Everyone is going to hurt u sooner or later ….
U just have to realize what is worth ….
The person or the pain . - Shilpa Vahini Friends !

Who are they ?
The one who holds u r hand in a crowd, which is against u & says “tu tension mat le yaar apan sab sambhal lenge…” The one who taps u r back when u r wrong & says “I Know it aise gaphle bas tu hi kar sakta hain!” The one who does everything for u but then refuses to take thanks .”abe ye formality ka natak mat kar…” The one who msgs u saying “abe reply toh kar”
The one who makes u smile & stops u r tears & starts crying him/her –self “Ankh main bhi abhi hi kachra girna tha aur tu band kar apna ye radio” Send this to all u r friends, even to those who are not in touch or who are far away from u ……. -Deepika U hv 20 mins to tell u r friends that u love them otherwise this month will be u r worst mont , so “I LOVE U Friendsss” Tyms running send it fast …& reply me also if I am…. -Deepika Ek bacha door bell bajane ki koshish kar raha tha .

Ek buzurg admi ne dekha, to jakar bell baajayi aur bola – Aur kuch beta ? Bacha – Aur kya ab bhag ! -Priyanka Nice Lines

“Even the most powerful person is weaker in front of the most Happiest person in the world ” ….. So be happy Foreevvveerrr….. –Shilpa Vahini
Awesome msg –
“Start working to fulfill u your dreams , or else sum day sum1 will put u in work to fulfill their dream ! ”...
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