Short Leadership Essay

Topics: Leadership, Management, Martin Luther King, Jr. Pages: 1 (307 words) Published: May 23, 2013
Leadership can be defined as the process in which one influences a group of individuals to attain a common goal , made possible by mutual cooperation and cohesive behavior. A leader is not someone who not only stands for himself, but takes into account the opinion of those he lead. Power is bestowed upon a leader but that power will not become his tool to lead. A good leader showcases a positive attitude and maintains a high self esteem. He works towards the goal, but is never pushy; he motivates. Good leaders include Martin Luther King Jr, and Gandhi. One particular leader I respect , though, is my own Volleyball captain in my previous school. Sure , he did not stop a war or neutralize a crisis, but under his leadership, our school has been able to clinch several victories at prestigious competitions. His name is Luo Hao. As an athlete, he always gives his all and as a result, our team usually wins. On the field, he encourages and pushes his teammates to try their best , even when taking a break , he cheers on his teammate from the bench and help correct their flaws. Even with an injury , he would still attend matches and support his team. I can see that he hated being out of the game, but he did not show it. Luo Hao just sat there and watched, and cheered like any good teammate would. I used to be a very bad player, missing obvious shots, and screw up simple formations, but Luo Hao did not give up on me. He even took my under his wings and taught me all the he knew. Despite me throwing away precious points, he insisted that I remain in the field, despite the coach’s objections. We won that game, I scored the last point, my very first point.
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