Short Essay on Leadership

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  • Published : March 2, 2013
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Describe a situation where leadership and teamwork were critical to the outcome.

Each year I volunteer to organise and manage a fundraising fete for my local church. The fete is run over a weekend in September and attracts over one thousand visitors from the local community over the course of the event. There are various attractions at the fete, each with their own particular requirements, for example any food served at the fete requires all preparation, handling and storage standards to be upheld. Each attraction requires volunteers to provide the service or product and requires volunteers to act as support teams, taking care of the behind the scenes work. The fete requires the help of approximately one hundred volunteers for it to be well executed. The volunteers are broken up in to teams and allocated to either an attraction or a support service. Each team has a leader who acts as the point of contact and ensures the team’s responsibilities are delivered. The team leaders report to me and it is my responsibility to ensure all teams work together. The common goal all teams are working toward is for the fete to be executed in a safe, timely, clean and fun manner. Execution of the fete would be impossible without volunteers working together. However without guidance, the volunteers would be counterproductive. As such, having a team of people with similar skills and abilities working together toward a common goal under the guidance of leaders is critical to the successful execution of this event.
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