Short Essay 2

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  • Published : September 29, 2012
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Theo 201 B27 201220
Short Essay # 2
Short Essay on Christology

What is the biblical basis for Jesus' humanity?
Jesus’ humanity was and is far from being comparable to ours as man created from the ground than to Him coming to form through Spirit. On the other hand being born from a sinless virtue.

What is the biblical basis for deity?
Several basis of deity is that demonstration would show of God-like attributes, teachings being consistent and correspond to the wisdom of God. As Jesus’ deity he showed all the above that I had mentioned as well as claiming to be God. As well as it says in the Bible John 1:1, “the Word was God”

Explain how Jesus can be both God and Man at the same time (Hypostatic Union). Jesus can be both God and Man because of the human nature he had that intertwined with the God-like attributes. That is done by being different as a whole and unchangeable with no mixing of outside influences.

What does it mean for Jesus to be both God and Man?
It means that He is the only One that can be present with God in his flesh manly form but also not as a man because of His spiritual being not being of the world. With that being said as He said in the Bible, “No one can go to the Father but through me” meaning He is the way to the Father the only One that could touch His heart to answer prayers, give blessings, or manifest himself amongst men.

Why did Jesus need to become incarnate to save humanity?
He had to become man not only to experience what man experience, but also to take on the burdens and sins to be sent to whence it all came from. Also lift everything so that man can live freely as He had attended us to from the beginning or else He would cause desolation and destruction upon all men and living thing.

What are the dangers of overemphasizing or denying either the deity or humanity of Christ? The danger of overemphasizing the deity or humanity of Christ is crucial because you may be teaching a congregation something that...
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