Short Critical Reflection Essay

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Some might say the crime of the 21st century will be white collar. If that is true, what will be the major types of cybercrime? How can we safeguard against it?

As technology evolves, and monetary transactions become more commonplace over the internet, it is almost like an invitation is being sent out to give dishonest people an open arena for many types of cybercrimes. Computer viruses have evolved from the Brain, introduced in 1986 as a preventative measure against copying programs on floppy disks, to more dangerous ones today. “Over the years, computer viruses became a tool for criminals targeting internet banking and government websites.” (Groot-2011) Cyber criminals use such things as botnets (cybercrime infrastructures which consist of 'hijacked' computers used for illegal activities), phishing (using fake websites or e-mails pretending to be your bank or credit card company to collect your passwords and logins for internet banking), and Trojan, which disguises itself as a useful application, but allows third parties to gain access to personal data on your computer. There are tens of thousands of forms of malware out there, and they can do anything from compromise and wipe out bank accounts to access and threaten top secret government programs. One thing we as users can do is to remember that banks never ask for passwords or pin numbers through email, so if by chance we receive an email asking for this, DELETE it. Another way to safeguard against potential threats is by using security software. “The best protection is to install a virus protection application on your computer.” (Bowles-2010) To help track down cyber delinquents, around 200 CERT (Cyber security and Incident Response Team) teams are in place in 43 countries around the world, which, originally established by the Dutch government, “doesn't have investigative powers, but works closely with the police and Public Prosecution Office and uses the expertise of anti-virus companies...
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