Short Case-Organization

Topics: Employment, Minimum wage, Water Pages: 1 (255 words) Published: May 26, 2013

To: Senior Management Team
From: Betty Muse
Date: May 24, 2013
Subject:Contamination Incident and Resolution Strategies

With the most recent attempt to sabotage one of our natural spring water bottling plants, the operations and management team have come up with a strategy to help recoup the ad campaign that was compromised as well as protect the stakeholder’s interest. Since the employees now have a union, it has caused the company to lose income and market share. With all of these things happening; the unionization, contamination incident, and almost losing the current ad campaign, a strategy has to be put into place.

The first issue to handle is terminating the employees who sabotaged the bottling plant and begin legal proceedings against that person. Then we would concentrate on running another ad reassuring our consumers that we still emphasize the purity of our water. Since the employees have a union and cannot be fired, I think we should hire in some temporary employees to help us catch up with production. They would get paid a percentage minimum wage and this would cut down on some of the increased wages and benefits we are paying to the unionized employees.

It is unfortunate that these are all ethical issues because they involve obligations to primary stakeholder groups such as the consumers, stakeholders, and the community.

Please look over these strategies, and we will get together next week to set up a meeting with our team and the stakeholders to discuss this dilemma.


Betty Muse
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