Short Case Organization

Topics: Water, Spring, Hot spring Pages: 2 (306 words) Published: January 14, 2012
Short Case: Organization

Noel Lee-Lo
Organizational Ethics and Social Responsibility (XMGT 216) University of Phoenix, Axia College
Prepared for: Tosha Meredith

January 13, 2012


To:Senior Management Team
From:Noel Lee-Lo
Date:January 13, 2012

Subject: New Ad Campaign in Threat

It has been conveyed to my consideration that a distraught employee has lately disrupted single of the bottling plants. Tactlessly, the employee diverse a chemical keen on one of the equipment, which instigated 120,000 bottles of the spring water to developed adulterated. In line to our new ad operation that highlights the cleanliness of our natural spring water, this malevolent performance has triggered countless destruction and a foremost hindrance for our business.

I trust that it is fairly essential to notify the community about this event, community consciousness to recollection the soiled jugs of water will be fairly expensive and influence transport suspicion in the direction of our business. Conversely, we need to agenda a direct conference to mature a new approach that resolve assistance the business uphold an optimistic duplicate in the judgment of the community and our faithful consumers.

The business must create the choice to do an instant evoke of the dirty bottles of natural spring water. Equally well as doing a recollection, the business should sort the result of eliminating the operative that disrupted the business produce and status. It resolves likewise be imperious that the community be relieved that the business is remorseful and that the upcoming of the business is unceasingly stirring ahead.

Formerly again, it is vital for the business to evoke the unclean jugs of water and create the community alert of this unsuccessful condition. The operative that instigated this problematic must be controlled with accurate away by removing the alteration for additional...
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