Short Biography: Jennifer Lopez

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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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Monserrat Ayala
Period 1 English 3
January 24, 2012
Meant To Be
The ability of a bee is to spread pollen in many places, helping other gardens grow beautiful flowers that nature can give. Jennifer Lopez is a successful humanitarian who focus’ on others who struggle through life and aim to ease their journey. Lopez is the successful women who grew up from the Bronx in New York, a community where it’s rough to live in. She grew up with both parents and two sisters. She has struggled to be what she is known for today: a dancer, actress, singer, and a producer. She has helped communities, charities, and people over the world raising and donating millions for those in need.

Jennifer Lopez came from a humble family that is one of three children of a Puerto Rican couple David Lopez, a computer specialist, and Guadalupe Rodriguez, a kinder garden teacher, along with her two siblings Lynda and Leslie. Both parents often struggled in the city of the Bronx to maintain a roof for their daughters. Through her childhood years, Lopez went to catholic schools and completed her education from there only. The Bronx, a beautiful city, but a dangerous place for children to grow up in, many children across town playing in their back yards Jennifer’s life was different. Her two sisters and Jennifer didn’t have as many privileges other children had. Instead she spent her time doing homework, or just simply watching T.V. With only the television as their way to the outside world, music videos, Hip Hop dancers filled the television into Jennifer’s eyes. She began to get inspired by the music entertainment she would watch. At age 19, she started financing and dancing lessons for herself.

Jennifer Lopez career began with her professional dancing in Hip Hop videos. Her debut was a dancer from the television show “ In Living Color”. She is one of those rare people with multiple talents. During her early career, Jennifer earned a role in the film “Selena”, that premiered in...
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