Short Action Script for the Book Outsiders

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  • Published : May 28, 2013
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Outsiders Script
It is a warmish spring evening but it was quickly getting chilly and dark. The scene is a wide, open field filled with grass where a small greaser gang plays football and hangs out. The moon and couple stars shine bright in the night sky, adding color to the field and giving it an unreal look. A couple light posts light up the side of the road. The field was completely empty and there were no cars passing by. It was extremely quiet. A young boy named Johnny that appears to be about the age of fourteen passes by the field, apparently looking for a football that belongs to him and his friends. He looks like he grew up in poverty. He has curly black hair that fall into bangs along his eyebrows, and is wearing a blue jeans jacket and blue jeans. He seems to be extremely concentrated on finding the football under the constantly dimming sky. A streak of light passes by the road and suddenly a blue mustang stops at the field. The young boy does not notice. A young man named Bob that seems to be around the age of 17 gets out of the car. He seems to be very rich. He has curly blond hair, and appears to be wearing a red madras sweater and grey jeans. He also has three silver rings on his hand. Bob: (looking at Johnny still searching for the football with contempt) Hey! Grease! Look at me when I’m talking to you! Johnny :( trying to sound tough) What’s a Soc doing this far east, this is our territory. Bob: (cracking his knuckles) I came to give you a makeover! And we have all night to do it. Come on out guys! Johnny :( starting to shake as he sees three more Socs get out of the blue mustang) Leave! I can call my friends here to kill all of you right now! Bob: (cocky and gestures around the field with his hands) But I don’t see any of your friends around to protect you, popular guy. Johnny: (voice cracking) No. I can beat all of you by myself. Bob: (laughs and points to Johnny) Get him boys.

Johnny: (tries to run away but two guys grab his arms before he...
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