Shopping Speech Outline

Topics: Thought, Psychology, Mind Pages: 2 (250 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Specific Purpose: to inform my audience the "how to's" on shopping.

Thesis Statement: Shopping is an activity of searching, selecting and ultimately purchasing products and services that fulfill the needs, wants and desires. With the help of our everyday technology and some will power shopping IS the next big thing that can be done in the matter of seconds, if you know the right strategies!


 When you think of the word "shopping", some think happy thoughts of new items, some laugh to themselves and think "with what money" and others may just cringe. Sometimes shopping can be very demanding and tiring... when it comes to shopping in the high price category. Though shopping is something we do almost everyday researchers say that it totally takes a shape when it comes to the psychology and business part of it.

I.   Psychology and Business
 A. Isolated activity?
 B. General goods, Luxury's, Groceries 
 C.Western Markets vs... Eastern Markets

II. Category's of Shopping
 B. Online
 C. Advertisements 

III. How to
 B.look up for signs/size
 C. browse (colors, patterns, sizes)
 D. Counting
 E. Success!
Shopping is not as casual and general of a process as it seems. its very complex, but can be done by a true professional. remember to look for those sales and great deals, and stay away from boutiques on the streets they are there to fool you. Don't forget to budget, because shopping can fulfill your needs, wants and desires.
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