Shopping: Personal Life and Different Things

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  • Published : April 4, 2011
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Shopping is something that I find to be great. Most people would not consider it a hobby but, I definitely do. I love it. I enjoy going with friends, with family, and also by myself. Nothing is better than finding a good deal. Yes, I am kind of a cheap skate. Why? Because the way I see it, the more money I save on one thing I want, the more things I want that I can buy.

This hobby is important to me because when I am in a bad mood or stressed out, I can always depend on shopping to calm me down. I do not even have to buy anything. Just walking around and looking at different things is relaxing to me. Also, it never gets old; there are always new things to look at. Honestly, stores get new shipments every day of different things. My favorite kind of shopping to do is souvenir shopping. Yes, it seems pretty pathetic, but I love the part on vacation when we go to shop for souvenirs. I mainly like this because there are a bunch of cool knick-knacks. Also I like it because I normally buy them for other people, and enjoy seeing them smile and get excited about it. Who can honestly say that they do not enjoy receiving presents or seeing other people smile?

Shopping may not be a typical hobby but, it is something that I get satisfaction from; not only that day but also when I get to wear or use the things I buy. From this hobby I have definitely learned how to look out for good deals and also to calculate percents.
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