Shopping Online or Store

Topics: World Wide Web, Personal life, Difference Pages: 2 (516 words) Published: December 13, 2012
These day’s people have two options to buy at store or online

The difference between shopping online and shopping in store is that online benefits if you are trying to save time. While others are out fighting in traffic and waiting in line, online shoppers are home relaxing. Online shoppers can go from store to store with a click of a mouse, while traditional shoppers have to walk, drive or can’t get to the store they want. There are three way to manage shopping in store and online. They are time, price, and products. First, the time spend shopping at store is limited and depends on shoppers because they can go shopping when they have free time, but shopping online is different. Shoppers can buy whenever and wherever they want. Traditional shoppers have to put a lot of work into comparison shopping. They have to drive from place to place find items and price and then go on to the next place. This can be exhausting and stressful. The online shoppers can do this from his or her couch. Online shoppers can search the planet for the product they are looking for, while traditional shoppers are limited to small area. They just need to search the web and choose items which they like or want. Then they send a message to buy or make call, and the items will be delivered. It is really simple and convenient for shoppers. The second point as a matter of course is price. The price of shopping at store is more expensive than price of shopping online because products at store must have taxes paid on them. However, online products need to pay for the tax and the shipping, so the price of shopping at store is higher than shopping online. Online market is naturally a stable market. There are many different prices on each web site. In addition, when people go shopping online, they must pay another sum or money for deliver up for long distances. That is the difference about the price of two kind of shopping.

Finally, products are a big difference between two kinds of...
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