Shopping Online

Topics: Online shopping,, Parking Pages: 2 (720 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Shopping Online
Computers have come a long way since the first one was invented in the early 1900's. In today’s society people can do almost anything on the Internet. People can plan their days ahead of time, check their bank balances, and look up anything that you can think of. The current trend on the Internet is online shopping. With online shopping people can buy books, clothes, CDs, and even buy a car. People prefer online shopping because it saves lot of money, saving the trouble of traveling, and provides price comparisons. Saving money is one of the most important reasons why people choose online shopping. When people decide to buy a commodity, their first reaction is to look at the price of goods. Online stores often provide the goods at a cheaper price, because online stores do not have as many expenses. They do not require a monthly storefront fee, so businesses do not need to charge as much. Also, people can always find a lot of coupons on the internet, is a website devoted to helping shoppers save time and money by using online coupon codes and discounts. As CouponSnapshot’s marketing director says, "It is almost always possible to save some money when people are shopping online," (PR Newswire US). People can always enjoy the service of free shipping. Cloud Cheng, a classmate of mine from China, noted" When I was here, I worry for my mattress. My friend took me to go to a furniture store, and I see the right mattress, but except for the expensive price, businesses want to charge me for the $50 fee for shipping it to my home. It makes me feel very confused. After that I found on When found the same mattress, it is cheap, and I can enjoy the free 1 to 2 day shipping.” All in all, shopping online allows people to save a lot of money. In addition, people often have trouble about the traffic which they choose to go out shopping. Parking around a store is a big problem when people are driving a car to the store. While most...
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