Shopping for One by Anne Cassidy

Topics: Sacrifice, Nora Roberts, Human sacrifice Pages: 2 (557 words) Published: January 26, 2011
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of the book “Divine Evil” by Nora Roberts

“Divine Evil” is an interesting novel about crime and romance, written by the popular American author Nora Roberts. She is one of the world’s most successful and best-loved novelists and has more than 201 million copies of her books in print. The book is about several murders that happened in a small town, called Emmitsboro and the people who were affected by them.

In the beginning of the story, Clare Kimball, who was a sculptor, went back to her home-town Emmitsboro to rest from the big city and focus on her work. She hadn’t gone back there in years, due to her father’s suicide. She re-opened her father’s house to live in and started to get re-acquainted with the people from the town. She met Cameron Rafferty, who was the town’s sheriff. He was a smart and influential man. Cameron knew Clare from before – they used to be intimate friends in high-school. She seemed really different to him now, more mature and established as an artist. Clare was really his type – good-looking and well-off.

Soon after Clare’s arrival, unpleasant things started happening in Emmitsboro. Carly Simon, a troubled fifteen-year old teenager, came up missing one evening. For months no one saw her , and her body wasn’t found. Almost at the same time another person was severely killed. His name was Biff Stokey, Cameron’s step-father. Cameron had lost his real father when he was ten years old. That was when his mother Jane remarried Biff Stokey. He was a loud and rough guy, who became a decent husband to Jane, but never really loved Cameron as his son. As Cameron grew older, him and Biff started being enemies.

While investigating Biff’s murder, Cameron started to get involved with Clare emotionally and sexually. He met her assistant from New York, Angie LeBeau and her husband Jean-Paul. They had come to visit Clare for the weekend and check on her sculpting....
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