Shopping Addiction Outline

Topics: Addiction, Body dysmorphic disorder, Compulsive hoarding Pages: 2 (723 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Intro: You have to admit that there was at least one time that you went shopping and you got carried away. You went to the store for a few things but came home thinking about how much you just overspent on unnecessary items. Background information of Elizabeth Deiter: Well in this article Elizabeth Deiter from Pennsylvania is a compulsive shopper and is definitely not in denial about it. Elizabeth and her husband just recently caught up on their rent, in just four to five months she has close to 100 purses and was still trying to buy one at bargain price! Explanation of Compulsive Shoppers: According to Bonny Forrest a psychologist from San Diego,CA, For Compulsive shoppers buying something creates a feeling related to the EUPHORIA that alcohol induces. Evidence: There was also a study done in 2006 at Stanford University that proved that about 6% of women and 5.5% of men are compulsive buyers. This mental disorder has not been studied extensively but it is thought to be an impulse control disorder. Evidence: April Lane Benson she is a New York psychologist and author of the book: “To Buy or Not to buy” Well she estimates that between one third and a half of compulsive buyers will eventually turn into hoarders, but some will just buy a lot of item and get rid of the old ones. So you might ask “Where does compulsive shopping come from?” : 1.) Well sometimes people acquire objects as a way of dealing with chaos and feeling out of control, BENSON stated: “ You buy something, you’re in control of it”. 2.) It can also be related to their childhood: Parents may have given presents instead of time and attention leading a child to grow up wanting to get more material possessions. 3.) Another reason or cause is that people may have grown up with a lot of emotional or financial deprivation, and when they are able to afford a lot of shopping they over buy as a way of not going back to the way things were. Forrest also states that compulsive shopping...
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