Shoppers Drugmart Retail Project

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Drug mart

Shoppers Drug Mart
Retail Management Project
Shoppers Drug Mart
Retail Management Project

Shoppers Drug Mart

Shoppers Drug Mart(“Shoppers”) is a large retailer with more than 1,237 locations. Shoppers Drug Mart has successfully leveraged its position from being a pharmacy, to become a unique retailer. They offer quality brand name and Life Brand(Shoppers brand) products , ranging from over the counter medications to health and beauty aids, cosmetics and fragrances, seasonal products and every day household essentials. Location

Shoppers Drug Mart
Southdale Shopping Centre
235 Vermillion Rd
Winnipeg, MB R2J 3Z7

This location is at the corner of Fermor Ave. (Trans-Canada Hwy) and Beaverhill Blvd. It has many entrances and exits for easy access. Southdale Shopping Centre has numerous parking lots, roads and sidewalks making it more convenient for consumers to get around from store to store.

There are many businesses that are located in the shopping centre, which attracts many consumers to the area. This shopping centre is located near middle/lower-upper class income communities. There is a lot of traffic throughout day, since there are about eight schools, two community clubs and several worship places within a 5 km radius. The Trans-Canada Highway brings in more local commuters and travelers to retailers. Due to the high traffic there are many large successful retailers currently and under development in the area that offer the same products as Shoppers Drug Mart. For competition there is a Safeway, Canadian Tire, Giant Tiger, several convenience and pharmacies stores within less 5 km and other major shopping centres within 10-15 kms. Although, there many competitors in the area this Shoppers Drug Mart is always busy. Store layout

Design objectives and unique elements

Shoppers Drug Marts objective is for consumers to experience all aspects of the entire store. Their unique store layout controls the follow of traffic within the different departments. It allows consumers to have different interactions with products in the different departments. By formatting the majority of the store in a grid format, Shoppers Drug Mart plans to have customers walk through the entire store and see all merchandise before reaching their destination product. This plan helps to increase impulse purchasing and sales. Shoppers Drug Mart also uses the racetrack format in the beautyBoutique for customers to view what merchandise they offer and increase shopping. This layout is well planned because each and every area encourages the customer to see more and do more before they rend their shopping experience by creating this type of shopping design, Shoppers Drug Mart has utilized the idea of making sure their customers move around the store to purchase more of their merchandise. Traffic patterns And Design type

The store is split in 4 major departments; beautyBoutique, Beauty Rx, Pharmacy and General Merchandise. The store uses different store layouts within the different departments. When you first enter the store, Consumers enter the store and are forced to right, and have to walk into the beautyBoutique department. This department has a racetrack layout, which allows consumers to interact with the products that are offered. There is a wall divider separating this area from the other departments and there are two entrances to the rest of the store. Once a consumer is in the beautyBoutique they can choose to spend more time in the department or leave using the first entrances located near the front of the store or use the one near the back of the store. These entrance lead to different part of the store. The two main pathways are between the large gondolas in the center of the General merchandise and can lead consumers to the Pharmacy or to the different aisles within the store. The two. The pharmacy is located in the back and is in line with the grid set up. The layout design...
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