Shoplifting in a Girl's Life

Topics: Theft, Thought, Mind Pages: 2 (791 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Shoplifting in a Girl's Life
In fair winds and fine weather, a ten years old girl went to a convenience store to spend her time until her father picked her up. It was the first time she personally saw a thief stealing a chocolate bar in the store. The shoplifter looked just two or three years older than she, she thought. She was very nervous for the thief, because he looked nervous but he tried to pretend not to panic. What is more, she also could see his hand was shaking before fetching the chocolate bar. The burglar knew that the girl saw him shoplifting, and then he glared at the girl before running out of the store. The girl wanted to say something to the shop owner but she was too afraid of the pilferer. Additionally, he ran out so fast before she was able to act. She went out for looking the direction which the burglar ran; at the same time. Her father just arrived and asked her, “Honey, what are you looking for?” “Dad, I just saw a shoplifting happen, but I didn't say anything, I think I've done something wrong, right?” Her father said reassuringly, “Honey, don't be so sad, let’s go to the shop and tell the staff there, ok?” They went to the shop and told the personnel that she saw the shoplifting. The little girl still felt very guilty after the staff knew what happened. Her father told her when they got in the car,” Honey, this is your lesson, ok? Next time if you see something wrong just say it, don't be afraid.” During the way home, the little girl was thinking that this is the most unforgettable experience that she has ever had. She still had to learn and experience something from the society.Fourteen years passed, and the little girl becomes an adult. Now she thinks she would loudly scream if she saw the shoplifting. Maybe the result would be changed fourteen years ago, if she was brave enough to tell the staff that she saw someone want to burglar the merchandise from the shop, even though she was younger than the thief. Until now every time she...
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