Shooting Star

Topics: Anabolic steroid, Steroid, Testosterone Pages: 2 (497 words) Published: March 16, 2011
Dominique Wise
Shooting Star
McKissack, Fredrick

Discuss an event in the book and relate it to a national, local, school, or personal issue.

In the book, “Shooting Star” by Fredrick McKissack, Jomo is influence by his fellow teammates to take performance enhancing drugs after being told his whole life he just wasn’t big enough. Unlike Jomo, his best friend, Jayson didn’t need steroids or any other type of drugs, he was pure talent. Like Jomo, kids around the United States who play sports struggle with the idea of getting bigger, faster and stronger in order to be better than the rest of the competition.

Jomo’s life was a struggle. Not only the stress of school and sports added to his depression, with his parents divorce, his father’s drinking problem and Jomo’s mom leaving added to the pain and pressure to succeed. Watching Jayson’s effortless success in sports made the insult of Jomo’s own life even that much more unbearable. In order to overcome this pain, he decided that it would take something outside himself to reach that goal. Steriods became that avenue. Jomo thought that if he could take steroids that he would make it in the big leagues.

After Jomo has taken steroids, he began to grow. This increased strength and size drew the attention of colleges and college scouts across the country. Even his own father, who hated sports because of his uncle’s own misfortune began to take pride in Jomo’s achievements. This made Jomo feel ecstatic because not only was he receiving the attention he always wanted from his father, he also attracted the attention of a young girl who eventually became his girlfriend.

Nationwide, there are kids in high schools who would do anything to be on national television with all the money and all the fame. There are very few who will actually make that dream a reality. Because of such a low percentage of students who will make it, they will make life threatening choices in order to ensure success. To the...
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