Shooting Dad

Topics: Cannon, Gun Control, Father Pages: 2 (696 words) Published: October 21, 2012
Jurgen Bolanos
Professor Brewer
English 107
Feb. 18 2011
We’re not so different you and I
In Sarah Vowell‘s essay “Shooting Dad” she talks about her relationship with her dad. She goes far to explain how she differs from her father. She explains her tug-of-war battle with her father. In the end of the essay she expresses her great love for her father and it shows how happy she is that she shares a common feeling. They share a great sense of passion and pride.

She begins the essay by showing the open gap between her and her father. She explains her relationship as “You could have looked at the Democratic campaign poster in the upstairs window and the Republican one in the downstairs window and seen our home for the Civil War battleground it was” (Vowell 433). I feel that in her description, her and her father both were very stubborn and wanted the other to view their personal way of living as right. Sarah’s father called her in mocking joyful tones when a republican won an election, and she pasted a left wing newspaper clipping on the refrigerator door because she knew he would see it. Another way of setting herself apart from her father was the numerous times when she explained discomfort in her home. “I had to move revolvers out of my way to make room for a bowl of Rice Krispies on the kitchen table” (Vowell 434).

Vowell then contrast her discomfort with the lonely island she has made out of her room. She not only separates herself from her dad but also her twin sister who is just as passionate about guns as her father. She feels like her twin is in an alliance with her father and against her. “Amy shared our father’s enthusiasm for firearms and the quick-draw cowboy mythology surrounding them” (Vowell 435).

Sarah realizes she may now be able to build a relationship with her father when she hears about his new cannon. She asks him if she may go shoot his new cannon with him. This is like a breath of fresh air to her and a great surprise to her...
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