Shooting an Elephant Soapstone and Questions

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  • Published : February 24, 2013
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Shooting An Elephant

Speaker : George Orwell, known for his writing “Animal Farm”. He is also known journalist for his thoughts on politics. Occasion : Shooting of the elephant, Orwell was forced to shoot the animal because that was of him to do. Audience : Are the people who are fans of George Orwell’s work, But also people who stand up for animal rights because the story is about “Shooting An Elephant ’’. Purpose : The purpose of “Shooting An Elephant ’’ is Orwell didn't want to look like a fool. He wanted to be the indians hero. To rise above expectations. Subject : Orwell’s feeling towards the situation of “Shooting An Elephant ” Tone : One of the tones that are used in the narrative is Resentment . there is resentment towards the Burman people for making fun of him. “As a police officer I was obvious targeted, the insults hooted after me … got badly on my nerves .” Orwell states the disapproval of the Burman’s mocking showed he was irritated and resented . The other tone is pressure. Orwell was pressured into shooting the elephant.

Shooting An Elephant

1. Orwell shoot the elephant because not only was he pressured to do by by the crowd of natives, but he wanted to live up to their expectations. At first he was just going to “ watch him for a little while …” But he found out that a crowd of natives had joined to watch him kill the elephant. Orwell felt the pressure from thousands of natives to shoot the elephant. Orwell shot the elephant because he wanted to live up to the natives expectations he was under pressure and didn't want to be mocked or made a fool of . 2. Orwell uses anecdote to illustrate his feelings about imperialism because he is against it . He doesn't like the idea of other places being ruled and forced under new rules .The anecdote illustrates it because he is hesitant at first to kill the elephant because it was like shooting down a belief, religion and culture of...
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