Shooting an Elephant

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  • Published : July 18, 2010
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Shooting An Elephant

The well written narrative essay of George Orwell (shooting An Elephant) and Salvation of Langston Hughes, dealing with their life story and experience show the set of qualities that make each author distinctive. However, the authors used a particular way to narrate their story making them alive. So this particular way used by each of them let make a critical comparison and contrast analysis related to each author personality.

Langston Hughes toward Salvation used an ironic tone to narrate his story. Some expressions showed the hidden way to say and express thoughts like “bring the young lamb to the fold” express the conversion of young people to Jesus. Lingston Hughes beliefs are based on real and tangible things, he doesn’t believe without seeing thing, experiencing them. He did wait for long time for Jesus to appear to him, talk to him as we communicate with each other. Even though he already heard great many old people say Jesus came into their life, he did not believe until it experience that. Lingston was sensible to the preaching, he listen carefully and analyze. He don’t do things because everybody is doing that he will be convinced before doing it. Many people knelt on the mourners bench assuming that Jesus appeared to them but Lingstone kept waiting for his turn. At a first moment he don’t let himself influence by whatever happens but by the time he finishes to surround, he felt ashamed to see himself as an exception among a community. He can hold everything up so long. Even though he did not believe he goes along with the crowd, the way to do not see yourself as an exception. He agree with a community but he do regret for his weakness to accept things, to be involuntary convince, influence by the majority people without being persuade.

George Orwell in Shooting An Elephant on the other hand express his thoughts Clearly in sadistic way. The fact that he was hate by numbers of people has not been a reason...
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