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  • Published : November 1, 2011
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Year 11 Area of Study – Individuality

Sample Essay Question:

How is the concept of individuality explored in the texts you have studied?|

First, you need to write an INTRODUCTION.
It should contain the following:
THESIS (argument)
EXAMPLE of the ways the texts display the thesis SUMMING UP the purpose of the texts LINK back to the thesis Below is a sample introduction that has been jumbled up. Put it in the right order.

1. Both composers use their different textual forms of poetry and film to engage the audience with its persona’s and character’s experiences with individuality in memorable and unique ways.

2. In John Foulcher’s poems ............................. and ..................................... the poet explores the way individuals connect with others as well as the environment. In Michael Redford’s film version of George Orwell’s dystopian novel, 1984, the director visually depicts the way people’s individuality is affected by their connections with their community and government.

3. A sense of individuality is found in relation to the connections or lack of connections formed between people, groups, community, places and the larger world.

4. Furthermore, the two composer’s works both show how a sense of individuality is shaped by their composer’s moral and philosophical outlook.

5. Redford is able to further demonstrate that one’s sense of individuality is directly affected by the barriers that prevent it.

Thesis| |
Explanation| |
Example | |
Summing up | |
Link to thesis| |

Based on the INTRODUCTION above, put in your own words what you need to argue based on John Foulcher’s poems and...
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