Shoe Review

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Ray Keyes
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Shoe Review

How long are we all willing to wait for a pair of shoes to come out? A few months? A couple years? For the Nike MAG, try a little north of two decades. Waiting in serious anticipation, owners of 1,510 pairs of Nike MAGs were counting down the days until the arrival of their newest pickup. Liking the Nike MAGs to any other big release would not be terribly accurate though. These are only the shoes that Marty McFly wore in Back To The Future II and THE shoes that were known by many as “the most famous shoes never made.” Add to this the way in which the shoes were released with a limited number of pairs raising more than $10 Million (after donation matching) and the Nike MAG is clearly in a league of its own. The oversized, yellow box came packed inside two additional boxes for secure delivery compliments of UPS. On the outside there is no style number, bar code, or MSRP, but alone sits the shoe’s size at the bottom of the official square logo of the Magnetic Anti-Gravity technology that the Nike MAG gets its name from. The box signed by Nike designers Tiffany Beers and Tinker Hatfield. In the future, gravity alone and cardboard on cardboard friction will not close shoe boxes, but rather magnetic closures will secure our shoes. Hinged at the top, the Nike MAG box opens to show the shoes with no tissue or silica packets to obstruct the first impression. Securely packaged inside is the the pair of Nike MAGs, instruction booklet with warranty information, DVD, certificate of authenticity, and of course a charger for the onboard lithium-ion batteries that power the lights on the shoes. Inside this packet is a large poster that doubles as an instruction manual, warranty card, as well as holds the DVD and certificate of authenticity. Each packet is individually numbered. There were only 1500 auctioned on eBay. Thank you note from Nike, The Michael J. Fox Foundation, and the 5 million people living with Parkinson’s...
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