Shoe Making Technical Aspect

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This chapter discusses basically the product, raw materials, office supplies, utilities,machineries and equipment used. The projected manufacturing process undrer gone by the product and plant location where it was produced. More over this also include the production schedule and waste disposal of the product. Manufacturing Process

The shoe making process of FitnFeet shoes is categorized into four departments in which a progressive route is followed for producing finished shoes. These are- Clicking or Cutting Department, Closing or Machining Department, Lasting & Making Department, Finishing Department before putting it in the Shoe Room. Clicking or Cutting Department

In this department, the top part of the shoe or the "upper" is made. The clicking operative is given different types of textile and materialls materials such as (jute, leather, rubber, cloth) Using metal strip knives, the worker cuts out pieces of various shapes that will take the form of "uppers". Closing or Machining Department

the component pieces are sewn together to produce the completed upper. The work is divided in stages. Stage 1: the pieces are sewn together on the flat machine to form a three dimensional upper. Stage 2: post machine is used. The sewing surface of the machine is elevated on a post to enable the operative to sew the three dimensional upper. Stage 3: Various edge treatments are also done for giving an attractive look to the finished upper and eyelets are also inserted in order to accommodate the laces in the finished shoes. Lasting & Making Department

The completed uppers are molded into a shape of foot with the help of a "Last". Stage 1: Firstly, an insole to the bottom of the last istemporarily attached. The upper is stretched and molded over the lastand attached to the insole rib. After the procedure completes,

Stage 2: the "lasted shoe" is obtained. Then the welta strip of leather or plastic- is sewn onto the shoe through the rib. The...
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