Shoe Horn Sonata Scene 3

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  • Published : October 16, 2011
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To survive is to continue to live or occurrence of an event. John Misto has successfully portrayed the importance of survival by using the visual and sound techniques. The sisters and nurses of Sisters of War and the nurses in The Shoe-Horn Sonata had endured many great atrocities during their times in the war. In Shoe-horn sonata, the mimicking technique used in the “Tap – Tap – Tap” and “[harsher] Whack – Whack – Whack” shows Bridie’s persistence in keeping Sheila awake. The powerful use of repetition and its onomatopoeic techniques is used to trigger their anger as they remember what happened when their ships were bombed. At the end of the play, the use of the very bright spotlight on the shoe-horn highlights the importance and the symbolism of the shoe-horn. With this and throughout the play, the shoe-horn becomes a symbol for survival, as Sheila uses the shoe-horn as an excuse to obtain the quinine for Bridie when she was sick with cerebral malaria. Strauss’ The Blue Danube symbolizes the joy and happiness experienced by Bridie and Sheila as they reminisce on the day they were set free from the Japs. In comparison, the docudrama Sisters of War uses many sound and film techniques to illustrate the concepts of survival. The use of dramatic music that was playing as the sisters are walking in the forest after their camp was bombed, tells the audience that they are finally free from the Japs. Being a member of the church as sisters and priest the symbolism of the cross suggests their hope and faith, that they are in God’s hand and that he will look after them. The quote, “Nothing can cure hunger pains but a good laugh…” and the humorous song that was played by the sisters and nurses shows that they are trying to brighten up the mood as they make fun of the Japanese General. This shows the audience that to survive the painful seriousness of the war; it can be treated with singing and laughing to keep their sanity. The use of techniques demonstrates the ideal...
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