Shoe-Horn Sonata

Topics: Prisoner of war, The Reader, Knowledge Pages: 2 (766 words) Published: October 13, 2010
Composers use a variety of aspects of language in order to demonstrate ideas about situations and experiences. How have the distinctly visual elements of the text you have studied develop your understanding of the experiences of other. It is through the use of distinctly visual we are able to gather ideas, which help in the understanding of the experiences of others. Through the use of the play “Shoe-horn Sonata” by John Misto and “No More Boomerang” by Cath Walker. We are able to shape ideas of oppression and culture. It is through these we can start to understand the people and their perspectives of the world. The experiences of people through the oppression they were subject to are understood by others as their relationships develops. In the play Misto’s use of lighting in the illumination of the Japanese flag shows the viewer that it was a symbol of oppression to the people in the POW camps, it was a reminder of the horror of war. This scene is indicative of the ironies of war as the main characters Bridie and Sheila are left floundering in the water only to be saved by the people who will eventually oppress them. Bridie “I could see the ships flag ““how did you feel” “too tired to care.”. This gives the reader a perspective into the situation by exposing the characters Bridie and Shelia to a dilemma where there was really only one choice, which was life knowing that by being saved they were being floated into the hands of the enemy and probable oppression. The idea is further developed in “No More Boomerang” through the oppression of the aboriginal people by white society. Walker uses the repetition of the word “no more” to show the aboriginal people weren’t able to practice their native ways of life “no more boomerang, no more spear, now all civilised, colour bar and beer” it forms an image in the readers mind and allows them to sympathise with the aboriginal people and their plight since European invasion. One of the major themes of this poem looks at...
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