Shiva Nataraja

Topics: Gesture, Universe, Nataraja Pages: 2 (781 words) Published: May 22, 2011
Janette Sanchez
Period 2
Art History AP
May 16, 2011
Shiva Nataraja
Hinduism is not one religion but many related beliefs and numerous factions. There are various deities but there are only three gods that are the most well-known. Shiva is one of the three most popular Hindu deities. He is usually depicted in small statues that show him performing the Cosmic Dance. The statues all impose unique movements, his anatomical features, and their functions that unite all of its qualities together. Shiva Nataraja has a stunning presentation and elaborate movements as he performs the Cosmic Dance. Shiva's dance has cosmic significance, as it symbolizes the creation, preservation, and destruction of the universe in an endlessly repeating cycle. He is depicted dancing with his left foot kicked in the air with his right foot is planted on top of a dwarf. Two of his arms are stretched out and two are pulled in close to his body. The way he is shown does indeed suggest this god is dancing. He is enclosed inside a circle of flames and in one of His upper right arms he holds a drum, the beating of which creates the universe, while on one of his upper left arms he holds a ball of flame that will eventually destroy one of his right arms he carries a drum and in one of his left arms he carries a flame.  His lower right hand displays the gesture of reassurance, while his lower left points to the ground as an indication of his power and strength. The Shiva Nataraja statues have many anatomical features and not very complicated material techniques. Shiva wears a short loincloth; a ribbon tied above his waist, and delicately tooled adornments. The scant clothing reveals his perfected form with its broad shoulders thinning to a limber waist. The jewelry is unemotional and the detail does not detract from the beauty of the body. He has his face rotated toward the onlooker, thus appearing like a king but still conscious of his compassionate role. Nearly all of the Shiva...
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