Shitty First Drafts

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  • Published : October 11, 2011
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Shitty First Drafts
This article is all about writing first drafts and how helpful they can be. The author of this wonderful article is Ms. Anne Lamott who was previously a restaurant critic and she has also written several novels. She believes that first drafts are meant to be a mess, she even refers to them as the “child’s draft”. Ms. Lamott would stress an unbelievable amount over writing an article about a restaurant. She would always start out by visiting the restaurant with some friends and then taking notes about her friends’ reactions to the food and the other details of the dining experience. After her night out, she would take those notes and just pour them all out into a pile on her first draft. Then she would come back the next day to find that some of that mess makes sense so she pulls out bits and parts that she can use in the article. Anne then adds a little more to it, then rereads it, and then sends it out to be printed.

I love writing rough drafts because I feel like I can pool all of my thoughts into one place. It’s a lot easier to write when you can see all of your thoughts in one place so that you can pick out all of the things that don’t fit or that don’t make sense. I now realize why teachers always made it an assignment to turn in a rough draft, they all wanted to see if we were able to pull a great paper out of a flood of ideas and facts. First drafts are a necessity to writing papers and it separates great papers from amazing stories.
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