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Shisha Smoking and its Hazards
Shisha originated in north westerns province of India, in the state of Rajastan and Gujrat. According to Cyril Elgood who does not mention his source, he was in India where Hakim Abdul Fateh Gillani an Iranian physician at the court of the Mughal emperor Akbar introduced the idea of Shisha..  Following popularity among noblemen, this new device for smoking soon became a status symbol for the Indian aristocracy and gentry. Although Hooka has been prevalent in rural areas of Pakistan, it only recently entered in the urban areas in a substitute form of hookah which is known as Shisha. Shisha became very popular amongst youth when it was first introduces, gradually it founds it way to people's houses, parties, functions and events. Cafes and restaurants have gathered a lot of acknowledgement by adding Shisha in variety of flavours in their menu card. By seeing this acknowledgement almost all cafes are serving Shisha in Lahore. There are many problem been faced due to Shisha as it is a demerit good. Although some studies says that Shisha smoking is safer than tobacco cigarette smoking but medical professionals says that all kinds on smoking is bad for health, therefore Shisha stands at same level as is the cigarette regarding health issues. Each Shisha session typically lasts for more than 40 minutes, and consists of 40 to 150 drags that each consists of 0.15 to 0.50 litres of smoke. Hour long Shisha smoking is equivalent to 100-200 cigarettes; in a 45-minute smoking session a typical smoker would inhale 1.7 times the nicotine of a single cigarette. The water in Shisha use to filter diseases is not that efficient to remove all kinds of diseases. . People are suffering certain diseases as they had been a regular consumer of Shisha. Therefore Health issue is the main issue of Shisha consumption. A research department on Shisha smoking and cancer in Pakistan was published in 2008. Our scope of this research on Shisha is for last five years within geographical boundaries of Lahore. Our primary question for research is the hazards of Shisha. This we answered by acquiring knowledge of Shisha's four domains significance of Shisha, health issues regarding the usage of Shisha, cafes serving Shisha and problems faced by Shisha victims due to its ban. Literature Review

The objective of this paper is to study and highlight the social, behavioral, and health related aspects as well as its externalities with regard to water-pipe smoking among adolescents in Lahore since last 5 years and also to create awareness among the youth. Water pipe, also known as Shisha, “Hubble Bubble”, “Narghile”, “Ghoza” and “Hookah”, has been in practice for the last 400 years. The reasons accredited to this trend are various misconceptions, that water pipe smoking is not hazardous to health. Another factor adding to its popularity is its social acceptability as compared to cigarettes and its portrayal is a symbol of modernization of our cultural heritage. (Anjum et al, 2007) The extent to which water pipe smoking has penetrated our society is difficult to establish since very little work has been done on it. A recent survey conducted in high socio-economic schools of Karachi reported that Shisha is gaining popularity among the young generation and it is easily available in the restaurants, hotels and Shisha cafes. This survey estimated that almost 70% children have experienced this form of tobacco, as young as seven years old. Its smoke also contains hundreds of potentially dangerous substances including carbon monoxide, charcoal, nicotine, arsenic, cobalt, chromium and lead causing disorders including lung and bladder cancers, impaired pulmonary functions, coronary heart disease, infertility, tobacco dependence and so on. (Anjum et al, 2008) Some research carried out in the UK last year showed that the people who regularly smoke `Shisha` may suffer from disastrous levels of carbon monoxide (CO) resembling to that of inhaling a car...
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