Shirley Chisholm

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Historical Background
After the civil war ended in 1865
Blacks citizens gain political power and played important and prominent roles in the reconstruction of the government in the Southern States. They were seven African American men in the house of representative that held positions. Most of the seven representatives were born into slavery and several fought during the Revolutinary war in 1775-1783. By 1875 the Civil Rights Law was overturned which ultmatently eliminated blacks to be in the political sphere. By the end of 1902 they no longer had a voice in Washington and again the white men dominated and regain power. This has cause a mispredition of the citizens of the United States because the chances of making rightful laws and changes will only benefit or hurt one specific ethic group. After long 30 years in 1928 black political movement aroused and they began to get active in the government and run for political office. During 1870-1970 one woman and 33 men served in the US Congress. Shirley Chisholm was the first black congresswoman to serve in the US Congress. In addition she was the First Black women to run for Democratic Presidency in 1972.

Women in Politics
The ideology of women being inferior and not allowed in the public sphere has keep women quiet and with very little education has lead them to be private about topics and issues that they agree or disagree. In addition this

inspiriting, contrevertional and motivational and is targeted towards all audience. She talks about women evolvement in politics and supports women to get more involved. Shirley is very smart articulate women and her ideas and changes that benefited the poor, women and citizens of color were all because she stood up and prove society wrong by standing up and questioning laws and issues regarding our human rights in the United States. Her purpose it to encouraged women to break out the social norms and stereotypes America has established for women. And to get into...
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