Shin Kong Mitsukoshi

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GAC022 Assessment Event 2: Written Report

Shin Kong Mitsukoshi

Student’s Name: Zafrina Sung
Student ID#: 812057
Teacher: Dave Delbridge
Due date: Jun 07 2012
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Table of Content

Executive Summary p.3

Introduction p.3


Findings p.4

Discussion p.6

Conclusion and Recommendationsp.7

Reference list p.8
Executive Summary
Shin Kong Mitsukoshi is the department store that is going to branch out either Brazil or Russia. The objective of this research is to determine which country is the best one to branch. The research was collected from the internet. The five dimensions of national culture and leadership styles are the tools that have been used to help to determine. As the fact that Taiwan and Brazil have shared the most similarities, Brazil is the one that has been chosen to be branch out. On account of the five dimensions of national culture and leadership styles are similar to Taiwan than Russia. It is also the first South American subordinate company for Shin Kong Mitsukoshi. Also, during the discussion part the advantages and disadvantages of branching out Brazil and Russia has been compared.

The objective of the research is to determine where is the best place between Brazil and Russia to branch out for the department store. The company of Shin Kong Mitsukoshi was selected. This is a famous department store in Taiwan. It has 13 branches and 19 stores in Taiwan. The Shin Kong Mitsukoshi even has branched out to China. In this case, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi was consider well-prepared to branch oversea. Owing to the developing countries’ economic is raising up, the department store in Brazil or Russia could be a success. The company was chose on account of that Brazil or Russia, there might not have a luxury, casual department store.

There were two tools that have been used which were the five dimensions of national culture and the leadership styles. The five dimensions of national culture can break into five different pieces into: power distance (PDI), uncertainty avoidance (UAI), individualism (IDV), masculinity (MAS) and long-term orientation (LTO). The higher score for PDI means that the boss has more powers and makes decisions than their employees. In the same way, the higher UAI means that the company doesn’t like to take the risks. Also, for the lower IDV means people usually tend to more together like a group. If the country has higher score for MAS that means people tends to work hard, being strong and competitive. The last but not the least, the lower score for LTO means people would think that time is money.

There is another tool that has been used, which is the leadership style. There are three different types of leadership styles. First, authoritarian leadership is that the leader cares more about ensuring tasks are accomplished as a priority and the leaders tends not like to have discussion with their employees. Second, paternalistic leadership is that leaders believe that once the employees worked hard, the company will pay them equally. Finally, participative leadership is that leaders encourage their employees to do their work and control of their own work loads.

I think my leadership style would be paternalistic and a little bit of authoritarian. I am a leader that sometimes can be bossy, however, can also accept the alternatives if there’s a better way. I am a leader who tends to hear more opinions but when it comes to making decision I do not hesitate.

To determine the best country to expand to several factors will be considered. The country which has the most similarities with Taiwan and less culture difference is one factor. Also, the leadership style should be similar to Taiwan as well. The other factor is that the citizen in the country should be able to purchase...
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